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Welcome to possibly the most exciting issue we have run to date - the FUTURISTIC issue! This issue is not all about time travel or spacemen as the name might suggest (although the latter does feature!) - instead it is all about the future of cakes and edible art! It’s about making cakes that use light, sound, movement - even smoke! It’s about creating structures, gravity-defying designs, wow-factor pieces - even pieces that glow in the dark!


Inside you’ll find 9 amazing tutorials from the likes of Dawn Butler, Paul Bradford, Arianna Sperandio, Anastasia Strekalova and more! We look at how to make wow-factor cakes with Dawn Butler and we cover how to get started with structures with structure guru Dusica Roberts!


We have all of our usual features inside including our Newbie & Now, The Story Behind the Art, Made with Squires Kitchen and our Let’s Get Social pages. We look at how to make a light up Laser Tag frog with Jenni Hull in our Cake Up Close feature, plus we are giving you the chance to win a copy of Creating Sculpted Cakes by Victoria White Cake Design.


We have exclusive video tutorial access, discount codes and more inside! It’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!


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