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Welcome to the Elements edition!
As the name suggests, this issue is based around the elements - earth, air, fire and water! We have some fantastic tutorials for you that are so creative and focus on different aspects of this exciting theme.
This month's cover is the Water Woman tutorial by the amazingly talented Samaneh Karimiyan. Made out of actual cake, this tutorial will surprise you with the clever technique used to make the bust. We also have a fabulous Fire Goddess tutorial from Cake International 2022 winner Jenny Chambers. Our DMAs 2022 Sugar Floral Finalist Debbie Lock shows she's not only amazing at flowers, but also at sculpted cakes, with her realistic Watering Can cake and we have an amazing Phoenix bust tutorial from Marzieh Zouhmand.

That's not all - as this issue also contains four more detailed tutorials from super artists Pallavi Karan, Veronica Garcia Magallanes, Shabaro Ghosh and Rummana Basheer!

In our Cake Up Close this month we look at an amazing fire breathing dragon cake by Marisa Fernandez and learn how she incorporated real flames for an extra wow factor.

We have two Cake Nightmares stories that will make you chuckle, two amazing interviews with Mike Elder and Catia Guida and we feature three amazing collaborations - Nubia Land Of Gold, A Sweet, Strange, Burtonian collaboration and Edible Stained Glass.

There's a chance to win a copy of Vicky Teather 's second book 'For Cuteness Cake,' we review Squires Kitchen's new whitener and of course we feature your cakes in our Let's Get Social feature and Made With Squires article.

With all our usual regular features too - this issue is definitely jam packed with cakey goodness. Enjoy!


Please note: This is a digital copy. 


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