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Welcome to the fourteenth edition of D'licious Magazine. This month is dedicated to the human form and bust cakes. We get a lot of messages asking for tips and tricks to create realistic bust cakes and portraits of people so we thought we'd make it the theme of the whole issue.


Inside this issue you will find 6 highly detailed tutorials. Hilda Aghilizadeh, known worldwide for her hyper-realistic bust cakes shows you how to make the amazing bust on the cover. In this mega-detailed lesson you will learn how to carve cake efficiently, build figures, work with fondant, create realistic hair, eyebrows and eyelashes as well as creating realistic aged skin textures and tones.


Later in the issue we have another bust tutorial from Nohad Hatoum, which looks at creating a much younger bust with fuller and smoother skin.


Plus we look at how to model a realistic human hand in both a more natural and posed form thanks to fabulous lessons from Judit Hermann and Anastasiia Osipova.


We also learn how to create lightweight and transportable structures and carve/work with polystyrene thanks to gravity-defying cake queen Chloe Cheshire. Plus the cupcake king, Sebastien H. Cupcake Artist, shows us how to recreate one of the most well know faces in the world in his E=mcupcakes2 tutorial.


Of course we have all the regular features for you to enjoy including three international collaborations. Kate Tynan discusses what you need to do if you want to turn your hobby baking into a business in our A Bigger Slice feature. We give you all the secrets to making great faces!


Please note: This is a digital copy. 


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